Your limitation- it’s only your imagination

We all are prisoners of our thoughts somewhere. We,humans tend to limit ourselves and create boundaries around ourselves for one thing or the other. But,it’s all in our minds. To be clear, our minds chain ourselves,controls our actions,but the heart and soul knows it all. They say-‘your brain is a good servant but a bad master’. It’s pretty well said. We should control our minds and not let our minds control us. Nurture your mind with rich knowledge, ideas, thoughts every day. Learn every day, every moment, so that your mind could serve you better,with time.

There is nothing in this world called as ‘limit’. So, buck up! Pull up your socks and get ready to achieve and conquer that ‘limitless’ dreams. Let your dreams fly in the open sky. Follow your intutions because that’s the message of your souls conveyed to you.

Oscar wilde quoted- ” we are all lying in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”. It is this thought that made them incredible. It is this idea that differed them from the commoners. It is this concept that gave them freedom to think and perform out of the box. Such people who always looks at the stars are the real achievers.

Isn’t? ?

So, folks! Buckle up yourself and go on a roller coaster ride of your dreams.😊

Grow daily!🐣

Fall daily, but never forget to rise!πŸ”

When the night is the darkest!

A time comes in life, when you feel like really really tired fucking tired of everything and everyone out there. You don’t feel like doing anything. You don’t feel like doing even your basic activities. You find everything so tough and impossible to do. You feel like loosing everything in life like sand. Time pass by ,people leave, you leave some and you are like standing there like a corpse. All you do is crying,being alone, shatter with no one to hold on. You loose focus. Positivity becomes like an unachievable dream for you. You just can’t figure out anything in life. You loose your power of thinking of what is right and wrong. Everything you seems is right,the other moment everything you seems is wrong. You think – what man? What the fuck is happening to me?

Who ever feel this? Who can relate to this? Do tell

You don’t have the soul,you are the soul

A lot of us have come acrossed this phrase by C.W. Lewis, but how many of us gave a thought to it? We usually says and believes it that we have a soul within all of us. So we have to give our thoughts a bit clarity. We don’t have soul, we are souls and we do have a body. When we recognise that we are timeless, eternal, full of knowledge and bliss, we actuall

y start to live from inside out,rather from outside in.Almost all of us are dependent on our external abilities to live and are pretty confident about what we have outside without even realising that what we have inside is infinitely more powerful,and we recognise our inner self, we gets a space for our self awareness, a space which amplifies our self esteem and confidence,a space to know our true self. Because the light that we need, the hopes that we need, every fucking thing we need,we have it within us,I repeat we have it within us. All we have to do is dug that out, explore urself and dig that jewel within you, out.

I have never seen a strong person with an easy past. We all loose something,someone, sometimes precious sometimes not, in our lives,then what? ‘Does the stars ever laments the loss of their any star friend?,instead they form constellations with the other stars who are still there beside them. It’s this thought that makes a huge difference! We all loose! But what makes us different when we believe in that this is not the end yet, it’s another beginning. Every one of us can turn our leaf and look towards our future. Putting this thought into practice is actually difficult, but not impossible. Start taking care of urself, meditate, do some journaling stuffs, I promise,it’s not instant but gradually, one will start feeling the changes within themselves.

The more happier uh are,the more beautiful uh look. The true signs of beauty is that they always sees beauty in every bit of universe.

Folks,start to love your flaws and scars and redefine an incredible angle of beautiful soul and not a body. Isn’t? ?


A lot of you are familiar with the term,but how many of you actually know the meaning of it. Any guesses? So for some,it’s Clarity; for others it’s being Sorted; for a few it may be Specific and to the point about every damn stuff in life. Each one out there has a different perspective about the term as per their view points.

The significance of Transparency may be described as this way!

We always love and adore people who are Cristal clear about everything and everyone in their lives;the people who have clarity about their dreams,aspirations, about what they actually want, about what they actually are not what others think of them. We must be like those free birds who knows what freedom actually means. Building a healthy and clear relationship with ownself is so damn important. At the end of the day, The onewho will be there ,in rain or sun,will be ‘you ‘ yes you! Stand up each day for yourself!

Just be fucking clear about every thing! If you love someone, express them;if uh don’t, tell them that too. It only hurts once,believe me. If you miss someone,call or text them immediately,now,this moment,yes this is the right time,do it! If uh want something,stand up for it and speak about it aloud. No second thoughts! No beating around the bush! No shame in it!

Always remember ” Have clarity in life “ I repeat the word clarity.

That’s the only mantra to lead a prosperous life.

So folks! Leave your lazy beds in this summer,get out of your houses in the morning and say a lovely’ hiee’ to the sun,smile at it.

Chase your desires!!

Jai Maha Kaal! !🌟

Hello!! Lovely people out there.

So I am really looking for people’s thoughts and ideas on my very first blog. Frankly speaking, I am familiar with a very little aspects about blogging. But no worries! We all are learners some day. Right? ? So the idea of blogging was actually provided by one of well wishers..So here I am!!

This blogging stuff and platform is all about representing my skills on writing,motivating,inspiring and publishing my art work.

Hope you all love it.

My work😊

Thanking you all! !